I’m excited to announce that I’m launching an exclusive Discord community focused on paid social.

The goal of this community is to connect with peers, share experiences and grow knowledge about running effective campaigns on various online channels.

An interactive circle of paid experts where you can:

  1. Chat with passionate marketing professionals
  2. Share experiences
  3. Ask questions
  4. Get expert advice
  5. Share articles and resources
  6. Discuss topics and cases
  7. Discover the latest news and trends
  8. Get inspired
  9. Have fun

I want to launch this exclusive community at a slow pace, so we can all feel connected and grow together. Therefore, I will be inviting max. 10 people per week.

Follow this link to apply:

See you on the other side!

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Bram Van der Hallen is an all-round Belgian Digital Marketer and Meta Certified Professional with 15+ years experience in media planning and buying.Bram talks about Facebook Ads and all things Digital Marketing on LinkedIn. Click here to Follow Bram on LinkedIn.

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