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Most important Meta Ads updates

Schedule individual ads 📅

Meta added a new feature to Advantage+ shopping campaigns. This update allows advertisers to schedule individual ads and set start and end dates for each specific ad.

Advantage+ shopping campaigns can automatically test up to 150 creative combinations. The goal is for AI to deliver the highest performing ads. The more ads, the more liquidity for machine learning. However, in some cases, you don’t want each ad to run throughout the entire campaign schedule.

Here’s how it looks in Ads Manager:

Scheduling Advantage+ shopping ads in Ads Manager

Read more about this update

Budget Scheduling is coming 💸

Coming early Q4 2023, you can schedule budget changes in advance, based on certain days or times when you anticipate higher sales opportunities. This is ideal for important campaign waves, peak traffic periods or other promotional time periods.

When you select to increase your budget during specific time periods, you can then tell Meta the duration of your anticipated high demand period. Set your dates and either ‘increase daily budget by percentage’ or ‘increase daily budget by value amount.

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Take Ads Manager reports to the next level 🔥

Ever wanted to see Search Engine traffic numbers in Meta Ads Manager? I’ve created a tutorial that allows you to see the number of Engaged Visits coming from Organic Search and Paid Search in Meta Ads Manager, attributed to your Facebook Ads.

To get started, first learn how to create an ‘Engaged Visit’ event:

Then follow the steps in my post to create two custom columns in Ads Manager to follow up on Search traffic:

Don’t miss out on my free Super Sheets 🔖

I’ve created 4 Super Sheets for digital marketers. They contain detailed information about audience targeting options and how to select performance goals for driving better results.

Be sure to bookmark all links:

  1. Defaults set by original audience targeting versus the new Advantage+ audience in Meta Ads Manager. [link]
  2. A guide for selecting the best performance goal in Meta Ads Manager for each objective. [link]
  3. 660+ Detailed Targeting Options for Facebook advertisers. [link]
  4. All available interest-based targeting options for LinkedIn advertisers. [link]

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More buzz 📣

  • CapCut (owned by ByteDance) launched an online graphic editor that looks very similar to Canva. [link]
  • Meta started to roll out WhatsApp Channels globally. [source]
  • Google Search stopped showing ‘How-to rich results’, which means this result type is now deprecated. [source]
  • LinkedIn and Pinterest launched their Ad Libraries.

Here’s an overview of all current ad libraries:

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