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Most important Meta Ads updates

Detailed Targeting now auto-expands for Traffic campaigns

For ‘Traffic’ objective campaigns in Facebook Ads, the ‘Detailed Targeting Expansion’ option is being removed and replaced by ‘Advantage detailed targeting’, dropping manual control.

Now Meta may always reach a broader group of people than you defined in your detailed targeting selections. Meta implements Advantage detailed targeting when it determines that doing so could improve performance.

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Value optimization for Advantage+ shopping campaigns

You can now optimize for value in Advantage+ shopping campaigns. This means you can focus on showing your ads to people most likely to make higher value purchases. When selecting value, you can also set a desired ROAS goal. This is useful when you want to keep the average ROAS around a certain amount.

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Reminder ads for Instagram feed and Instagram Stories

You can now create Reminder Ads in Meta Ads Manager itself. This new ad type allows people to click your ad to be reminded of your upcoming event.

At the ad level, you can select a scheduled event or create a new one. You can also add media, primary text, event details and set a start time and optional end time. The ad will feature a ‘Remind me’ call to action.

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iOS 17 is here and keeps UTM parameters

Using Safari Normal Mode:

  • Click identifiers like gclid and fbclid remain
  • UTM parameters like utm_source and utm_medium remain

Using Safari Private Mode:

  • Click identifiers like gclid and fbclid are being removed
  • UTM parameters like utm_source and utm_medium remain

This means that only click identifiers get removed only when people are using Safari Private mode. Most people use normal mode by default.

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More buzz 📣

  • Facebook is launching multiple personal profiles so you can easily switch between profiles. [source]
  • Meta verified is coming for businesses, providing extra support options. [source]
  • TikTok is introducing Attribution Analytics, a first-party measurement solution that enables web advertisers to go beyond the last-click model and truly understand the customer journey on TikTok. [source]

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