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Most important Meta Ads updates

Advantage+ audience targeting 🤖 + Super Sheet 🔥

Meta is rolling out new AI-powered audience targeting features. This update will use your targeting specifications as suggestions to automatically find your ideal audience.

You can choose to enable this targeting option at the Ad Set level in Meta Ads Manager. Most likely this will become the suggested way of audience targeting going forward.

Here’s how it looks in Ads Manager:

Advantage+ audience
Advantage+ audience in Ads Manager

Free Super Sheet 🔥

As this update promotes a new approach of audience targeting, I’ve created a Super Sheet containing all defaults set by original audience targeting versus the new Advantage+ audience.

Access this Super Sheet at the following link:

Audience targeting defaults (Sept 2023) by Bram Van der Hallen
Super Sheet – Audience targeting defaults (Sept 2023)

Read more about this important update:

See how the potential audience size differs when switching from the original targeting option to Advantage+ audience:

Send traffic to your Instagram profile using Ads Manager 🪄

You can now create a campaign in Meta Ads Manager itself to send traffic to your Instagram profile. If you target the right audiences, you could leverage that traffic to grow post engagements and followers on Instagram.

Here’s how to configure this new Traffic option in Ads Manager:

Read more about this update:

Meta Ad Library update for advertisers targeting EU locations

You can now see a lot more ad targeting and delivery details from advertisers targeting EU locations. It will show ad details about targeted locations, ages, genders and reach metrics.

This update is part of the ‘European Union transparency’ that provides additional information for ads that were shown on Meta technologies anywhere in the EU.

Here’s an example for one specific ad:

Ad Library European Union transparency

Read more about this update:

More buzz 📣

  • TikTok announces the launch of the ‘Search Ads Toggle’. This is a new feature that allows advertisers to serve ads in TikTok search results. [source]
  • Google announces that we will be able to deploy a Google tag within Tag Manager starting in early September. GA4 Configuration tags will change to Google tags and will gain new capabilities, including settings variables. [source]
  • Meta provides new insights into how AI systems rank content by releasing 22 system cards for Facebook and Instagram. You will get insights on how AI systems rank content for Feed, Reels, Stories, and more. [source]
  • LinkedIn expands ‘Collaborative articles’ and members can contribute and earn Community Top Voice badges. [source]
  • LinkedIn now lets you retarget audiences by document. You can create audiences of people who engaged with one or more of your document ads. [source]
  • Apple launches its ‘Ad Repository’, following Meta, Google and TikTok Ad Libraries. You can now search and view Apple-delivered ads on the App Store. [source]

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